Tentoonstelling Kleur in Maastricht

KLEUR IN MAASTRICHT NH Hotel augustus – december 2021

In samenwerking met BooART – your partner in art, waren veertien schilderijen te zien aan de muren en pilaren in NH Hotel Maastricht.



Nr. 1 My way – Travelling the pathway of life, sometimes I feel where to go

Nr 2. Blue move – During daily moods this time mine was blue

Nr 3. Barre Grande – Friends in Brazil showed the colours of the Island Barra Grande

Nr 4. Escape – There are moments I wish to escape to the colours of Africa

Nr 5. Train to you – On the platform I see a train coming

Nr 6. Train to me – On the plaform I saw a train leaving

Nr 7. Dry rain one – For one the rain is happy

Nr 8. Dry rain two – For two the rain is sad

Nr 9. Discoverme – We need to be noticed and listened to

Nr 10. Crossing over one – Humble as we feel the colour of love

Nr 11. Crossing over two – Strong as we walk the bridge of love

Nr 12. Upbird – Teach us how to hold our feathers to lift us up bird

Nr 13. Lockdown in four – Last panels during corona pandemic to capture my lockdown in four

Nr. 14. Dance in green skirt – Let us pray for green so we can dance